SHERENE KERSHNER - Head Coach and Clinical Supervisor

Sherene lost a significant amount of weight on her first stint on Phase 1 - motivated by health concerns and morbid obesity.  Unfortunately, because weight loss didn't solve her underlying problem with carb addiction and binge eating, she struggled with maintenance until she found out she had "reactive hypoglycemia," and adjusted her approach.  Now, as someone who has come to terms with her limited metabolic capacity, Sherene may be a good resource for clients who struggle with BIG cravings, binge eating or other eating challenges. 

Sherene is also our most experienced coach, having lost over 100 lbs, and having coached since 2011. She is a good fit for ALL clients.  She has tremendous empathy for everyone who struggles with their relationship with food, that first 100 lbs, or that last 5 lbs!   Whether you need to lose 10-20 lbs to fit into a bridesmaid dress, or 100-200 lbs to reverse Type II Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, Sherene can relate and offer unprecedented support.  She is particularly helpful to clients with complex medical histories, a history of lifelong dieting, over 100 lbs to lose, a desire to combine a spiritual approach with Ideal Protein's protocol, and others who feel they need more in-depth assistance.  NOTE:  She is always available for consultation with clients working with other coaches as needed. 


Eleanor Francis

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**Eleanor is unavailable for coaching until mid-October**

Eleanor didn't have a weight problem when she was younger.  Hers occurred after she had kids.  She'd grown up on convenience and prepared foods, so when it came time to lose weight she faced a huge learning curve.   Eleanor also has food and environmental allergies that limit what she can eat.  She has a history of near-debilitating fibromyalgia from which she has recovered significantly - in large part due to her changes in eating habits.  

Eleanor is gifted at bringing humor and perspective to the process of losing weight.  She has a gentle, yet no-nonsense approach to coaching.  She knows first hand that much of weight loss success happens in the mind. She takes a philosophical approach to most aspects of life, and shares genuine wisdom with her clients.  Note: if you read Sherene's blog, Eleanor is the mysterious "friend" who has guided her in some of the most pivotal moments of her quest for lasting maintenance success.  Now you too can benefit from Eleanor's wise counsel.  

P.S. She has been known to dress like a pirate. For... reasons. :) 




Carrie didn't have a weight problem when she was younger. It crept up on her after having kids. It was compounded by some emotional eating triggered by the challenges of parenting children with special needs.  Carrie has a lot of insight and empathy for people who used to be able to eat "whatever they wanted" but now have to watch their eating very closely.  She may be particularly helpful to those with the secret (or not so secret) hope that Ideal Protein will "fix" them so they can go back to their old eating habits.  Because of that mistaken mindset, Carrie regained most of the weight she lost after her first stint on Phase 1.  When she came back, Carrie had to face that her body had changed (likely permanently), and that she'd have to adapt if she wanted to maintain any weight she lost the second time. 

After doing a "reset" with Phase 1, Carrie has become a stable maintainer with a deep understanding of her new nutritional needs. Once she adapted to her new "normal," she embraced the new way of eating, and is now one of our Maintenance Gurus - able to share delicious, satisfying ways to "low carb" long-term without a feeling of deprivation.  





Karen's strengths as a coach lie in her own motivation for starting Ideal Protein in the first place.  She was referred to Ideal Northwest for help correcting dangerously high blood pressure.  For Karen, being smaller sounded great, but she was doing it for health reasons.  Karen may have been the most accurate follower of the protocol we've ever seen!  She made it look easy even when it wasn't. She accomplished this by being organized, planning, developing habits and creating tips and tricks that she now shares with all of her clients.

Maintaining her newfound good health continues to be her strongest reason to keep the weight off.  As such, she's become one of our longest-term, most stable maintainers!

Karen would be a great coach for those who are losing weight for health reasons, and / or who want help reaching their goal as quickly as humanly possible!  Karen is compassionate, empathetic and encouraging, while holding her clients to high standards and providing strong accountability.