Our Method

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Get Started

  • Schedule a Consultation to learn about our weight loss methods, ask questions, and try some of the protein foods.  
  • If you sign up, you'll begin the protocol the same day!  Our whole team will be on hand to get you off on the right foot. You'll learn how to follow our plan, set up your kitchen, pantry and grocery list for success, and much more!
  • At your sign-up, you'll receive enough food and supplements to get through your first week easily and successfully!
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Lose Weight

  • Attend weekly Weigh-In meetings to check progress, problem-solve, celebrate, and receive support.
  • Enjoy fun (optional) workshops, delicious cooking ideas, and an average of 10-12 pounds of fat loss per month for women, 15-20 for men!
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Maintain Weight

  • Hit your goal and we'll help you start off strong in Maintenance. 
  • Take advantage of Monthly Maintenance Weigh-Ins, free for life for clients who hit their goal! 
  • Attend optional groups, classes and workshops as part of our Maintainer Community!

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