Confessions of an Ideal Protein Coach: 2nd Weigh-in STALL :(

Hi Everyone,

My second weigh-in was this morning. I'm struggling with the result. 

I was actually up 0.2 lbs! :( :( :(

My first thought was - don't blog this. Weigh in again in a couple of days and see if it's down and then share a success. But I promised you guys I'd share everything, and this is no exception.  It's eye opening how often my first impulse is to hide -- appear better, more successful, more bullet-proof than I actually am.  (Sigh)

I'm still going to weigh-in again on Saturday because I actually know why I'm up and expect some it to correct itself in the next couple of days.  There are only EVER a handful of things that can cause a gain on IP.  In order of most common to least common, they are:

  1. Menstruation or pre-menstrual puffiness
  2. Constipation (can be .5 - 5 lbs!)
  3. Deviation (cheating)
  4. Nitrates (soy sauce, deli meats, etc)
  5. Having recently flown on a plane
  6. Food reactions / intolerances

I actually have 3 of those going on right now, so this shouldn't surprise me.  At the risk of sharing TMI, #1 is imminent, #2 is an ongoing battle for me, and #6 is absolutely happening. 

I'm intolerant to soy, and I ate a bunch of it at a Holiday event at our clinic last night. I fell in love with Wallie's Fried Apple Cobbler - a combinaton on a couple of Janeva's recipes, made with chayote squash, walden farms syrups, and the Maple Oatmeal packet.  I took the leftovers home and ate them for dinner! It was totally on plan - and actually un-restricted. BUT soy makes me react with swelling and bloating in my abdomen.  

I KNOW this stall is NOT because I really gained fat, but somehow that barely dulls the ache of seeing the scale UP.  I wanted to see the scale move after a week of having been SO on track. 

I have coached so many people through this very situation. I feel for them as I see the look of disappointment on their sweet faces as they leave our office.  I worry that they'll fall prey to negative thoughts and lose momentum... I don't worry about that for myself this week, because I feel very focused and on track right now, but it reminds me that on my first stint on Phase 1, that happened to me more than once.  So if nothing else, this is a reminder about how far I've come, how strong my new inner resources are (my spiritual practice), and how much this accountability is helping.  

There isn't really much else to say except thanks for 'listening.'  I'll update again this weekend after I re-check, and will hopefully have solved #2 and #6 by then. 

 Waterlogged App

Waterlogged App

Meanwhile, I'm going to start using two new tracking tools this week to increase my accountability:   Waterlogged (to remind me to drink my water), and Low Carb Tracking Assistant instead of a hand-written food journal. I like tracking on my phone vs paper. :)  I'll let you know if I think they are good tools. 

I hope you all have a committed, accountable and healthful week.