Moving In!

 Assembly complete!

Assembly complete!

Hey Everyone! 

It's been a BIG week for Ideal Northwest. As you can see, we have simultaneously revamped our website along with our move to the new office. It's been a whirlwind and we've appreciated your support and patience as we've navigated the transition. 

I can still hardly believe we found such a perfect space... Not only will we have comfortable, larger coaching offices, but a space for our workshops and meetings which will hopefully be much more convenient than before! We still hope to utilize the gorgeous houses that our wonderful members offer for special events like cooking classes and all that... but I think our little spot right off 520 will make it easier for more people to join us for our monthly workshops. 

I want to send out some special thanks for all of the people who helped make this move go smoothly... First, Dr. Toby and Bev in our last office for being generous with letting us stay an extra couple of days so we could move out on a Saturday!  And the whole last office team for putting up with a few days of noise and mess as we moved.  Next, Leesa Watson - my superstar assistant - who helped wrangle so many details I can no longer count them! Also, our super duper team of coaches pitched in at every turn to pack, move and support this process. Thanks Karen G., Jaime W. and Jane B!  Last but not least, Mikey (Leesa's wonderful guy) who helped us get the network up and running so we can actually work on Tuesday! Yaaaay to all of you! I'm so lucky to have such a marvelous team. :) 

We hope very much that you feel welcome and pampered in our new location. We thought of you when choosing every detail, and we hope it will show.