Ideal Protein vs. 30/10 Weight Loss for Life

If you listen to the radio and live in the Pacific Northwest, you've probably heard the ads for 30/10 Weight Loss for Life.  People sometimes ask me how IP compares to 30/10, so today I'll share my personal thoughts and observations based on many conversations I've had with clients who've experienced both programs.  Note:  this post reflects my personal opinion and those of my clients who volunteered to share theirs and does not represent the views of Ideal Protein or their affiliates.  

30/10 started by same Chiropractors who formerly ran a Bellevue Ideal Protein clinic
I think I understand now why so many similarities exist - prompting questions about how the 30/10 program compares to Ideal Protein… According to my research, 30/10 Weight Loss for Life was started by the same Chiropractors who ran an unusual Ideal Protein program out of their office in Bellevue (I think right off NE 8th St) back in 2015.  I remember hearing that they had suddenly closed, as well as rumors that it had been Ideal Protein Corporate who shut them down because they were charging dieters thousands of dollars up front (amounting to double what it would have ordinarily cost them) to do the protocol.  They also required clients to listen to hypnosis recordings.  Neither of those practices are consistent with Ideal Protein's model. 

In any case, those same Chiropractors started over under a new brand.  It appears they developed a VERY similar protocol and retained their fee structure and hypnosis components intact.  And thus was born 30/10 Weight Loss for Life.

Main Similarities:

  • Both use packaged protein-based meal replacement/supplements as the basis for their protocol.
  • Both use vitamin & mineral supplements to support the protocol. 
  • Both offer weekly weigh-ins for accountability.

Main Differences: 

  • Cost & How You Pay:  Ideal Protein is "Pay As You Go," with a modest Intake Fee ($150), weekly food ($90-120) and  supplements ($12-20) thereafter.  All reports I've heard say 30/10 charges all their fees and costs "Up Front - No Refunds," based on a formula calculating number of pounds needed to be lost multiplied by $100.  So for example, if you need to lose 30 lbs, you'd pay 30/10 approx. $3000 up front.

Comparison Costs to lose 30 lbs: 
     -   Ideal Protein average cost = $1560, no contract, pay as you go
     -   30/10 average cost $3000, all up front, no refunds after first week

  Copy provided by a client from their personal documents. 

 Copy provided by a client from their personal documents. 

To me this says 30/10 is foremost a SALES organization, whereas Ideal Protein is foremost a HEALTH SERVICES organization.  A hallmark strategy of high-pressure sales is "Gotcha" pricing that takes advantage of motivated (and sometimes desperate) buyers at the beginning of a transaction.  Gyms do this. Funeral homes do this.  Many of these places (including 30/10) pitch this as a benefit to the buyer -- added incentive to succeed at their goal or risk losing all the money they paid.  But it also conveniently ensures that they get all their money before the client has experienced any success or service -- or struggle.  Buyers also tend to unconsciously (and often wrongly) equate higher fees with higher quality. 

It is precisely at the moment when the struggle begins that a true coach earns their keep.  I personally prefer demonstrating my value to my clients every week instead of making them take my word for it up front.  I am happy to continue earn their business and loyalty as they succeed.

Coaching at Ideal Northwest is definitely the best coaching I’ve encountered – including 2 IP clinics, 30/10 Bellevue and countless WW, and JC.   And the maintenance plan is by far above and beyond.
— Allison
  • Hypnosis rather than Coaching:   According to several of my clients, coaches mainly sell food, but don't provide much support.  My client, Allison, said "…you don’t really talk to your “coach” after you sign up.  When I did, she didn't offer anything I hadn't heard a billion times. They really push the [hypnosis] tapes… "  This makes sense since I've personally seen ads on Craigslist for 30/10 coaches stating "no experience necessary." 
  • Deep vs Partial ketosis:  While each protocol utilizes protein to help retain muscle during weight loss, 30/10 is reportedly only partially ketogenic.  Their protein appears to be a "private label" line of HealthWise foods (the same as,, etc.) 

    The depth of ketosis can make a BIG difference for people with Metabolic Syndrome (about 50% of the population).  Deep ketosis is a powerful tool for reversing insulin resistance (the condition which causes chronic fat storage).  It is possible to lose weight by correctly following both plans -- but if you don't improve insulin resistance, you get only half the benefits of a ketogenic diet.  Restored insulin sensitivity is arguably the biggest advantage for keeping weight off in maintenance.
food peace.JPG
  • "Food Peace" vs. being hungry:  Deep ketosis comes with a well documented appetite suppressant effect.  Technically it's known is the "anorexic effect" of ketosis, but I have nicknamed it "Food Peace."  After about Day 3 on a deeply ketogenic diet, people are no longer hungry.  I actually have to talk people into eating all the protein they require.  Partial ketosis does NOT have this effect, and most people in partial ketosis will experience nagging hunger and cravings.

Also, I have a new location which officially opens next week. They are in a shopping center near a 30/10 clinic. While the staff were setting up, they had their first walk in from 30/10. It was a woman in her mid-30s.  30/10 told her that she needed to lose 80 pounds. The 30/10 quote was $8,000. 
With us, including the Intake Fee of $349 (higher than Ideal Northwest’s), her total cost would come to $4,050 including all supplements and 21 IP meals per week. This includes all the IP weekly videos and our extra educational activities including cooking and exercise classes.
$8,000 vs. $4,050.  Needless to say, she joined with us.”
— A Local Ideal Protein Manager
  • Maintenance Support and Food Availability: Ideal Northwest has robust instruction and support for entering and succeeding in maintenance. We offer free, ongoing accountability check-ins and FREE Restarts on Phase 1 (including a review of what went wrong and why). MANY of our maintainers appreciate the ability to continue to buy their favorite snacks and low carb treats. 

According to my clients, 30/10 charges significant fees to restart their protocol.  Maintenance instruction and support is very minimal, and only provided if you hit the goal they set for you.  If you lose 50 of the 75 lbs you wanted to lose, you don't get any support to maintain that loss.  Plus according to my clients, you are not allowed to buy their products after you stop.

 A brief summary of comments and observations provided by clients of Ideal northwest  who've done both programs. 

A brief summary of comments and observations provided by clients of Ideal northwest  who've done both programs. 

To me, this says 30/10 is foremost a SALES organization, whereas Ideal Protein is foremost a HEALTH SERVICES organization

I am admittedly biased. But I'll let you make up your own mind. Knowing the whole story, which organization would you choose?  If you have friends and family considering 30/10 because they heard a disc-jockey talking it up, perhaps do them a favor and forward them this blog... Who knows?  You might just save them thousands of dollars and a painful "gotcha" experience!