The Re-Shrinkening!

Hey Everyone! 

I'm on Day 3 of Ideal Protein's Phase 1 protocol. I had the expected slight headache yesterday, but today I feel fabulous, which has been a bit surprising. But when I think about it, not really. 

The first time I did IP, I started over 300lbs. When you start at a weight over about 250 you tend to carry a bit more glycogen on average, and it takes a couple of days more to reach food peace than it does for other lighter people. So I was bracing myself for a several day slog through some cravings and some hunger before I felt good... But it came way sooner!  I believe this is because I generally eat pretty low-carb to maintain my weight. Once I stabilized after my surgery and divorce, I've maintained that weight within 4 lbs for more than a year! So my glycogen levels were probably a bit low before going on Phase 1 this time. PLUS, I didn't do a great big "last hurrah" the way I did the first time I went on IP. So I didn't have a ton of extra "bad" food to metabolize out of my system on top of everything else. 

I have the weirdest feeling that this Re-Shrinkening is already a done deal -- I just have to patiently wait for time to go by to see it. I have such a strong knowing that I'm going to hit my 40lb goal in mid-January that it feels like a given. I keep walking up and down the hallways at work picturing myself inches smaller in just a few months. In fact I delayed photography for my new clinic and staff until January - precisely because I know I'm going to be at my right weight then, and I'd rather wait to capture my true self on camera. 

I'm just not thinking of what went wrong the first time. Because my life and situation are totally different now. I KNOW I can maintain because I've done it for over a year. Now I will just be maintaining a lower weight. I feel so excited to do it differently this time. 

I hope any of you who are re-committing at this time will share your thoughts, feelings and comments with us. We are truly all in the same boat (those of us with Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome). Lets stick together and encourage one another along the way.