Upcoming Events: Supercharge Phase 1 (Jan 17th), and the Psychology of Re-Commitment (Feb 21st)

I just posted our first two events of 2017, and I'm super excited about BOTH topics!

Every January, the air crackles with energy around NEW goals, NEW priorities, and HOPE for a NEW year.  But what about the OLD year?  What about the goals you set back then, and are still finishing now?  Lets take all of that energy and use it to Supercharge Phase 1 - so you can get it over with as soon as possible and move on to the good part:  maintaining your new weight and living the life you envisioned when you first started the diet.  

Next in February, when so many people claw their way back to our coaching offices after falling off the diet the previous year, we have a special meeting designed just for them!  The Psychology of Re-Commitment.  My re-starters are some of my favorite clients, simply because I've had to do it so many times myself. I get how humbling it is, how much courage it takes to come back for accountability and to face the consequences of your old eating habits. Lets skip past the shame and dive directly in to the proven psychological techniques to help you get back on track and STAY there this time.  If you let it, each lapse and re-start can be a valuable learning experience on your journey, but you MUST make changes or you'll go right back to your old ways. Most of our coaches have personal experience with re-starting and we're all excited to share our best strategies with you! 

E-vites will be forthcoming for those on our client list. These events are also open to dieters from other clinics and guests for $25.  Just email us to RSVP and pay at the door. 

Hope to see you at one or both!