Mango Vinaigrette

mango salad low-carb recipes
mango vinaigrette low-carb recipe

Approximately 12 servings

This is one of my favorite dressings! It’s creamy, fruity, sweet & salty at the same time. Amazing with salads topped with chicken or turkey. Make ahead and keep on hand for a quick delicious salad topper.

  • One bottle Ideal Protein Mango Ready-to-Drink Shake
  • ¼ cup Olive Oil
  • 1 TBS Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 TBS minced (bottled) garlic (it’s milder than fresh).  If you use fresh, use ½ clove.
  • 1 tsp SPIKE seasoning - unsalted
  • 1 TSP Sea Salt