Wendy C.

Pounds lost: 21 lbs

Inches lost: 29 inches (7 off her hips!)

Body Fat: from 33.2% - 26%

Time on Program: 3.5 months

wendy ideal protein weight loss

At first when I saw my before pictures, I was embarrassed to put it up. I always wore sweaters to cover my arms! I’m swallowing my pride because I now realize that I’m a new person, today and for the rest of my life. My blood pressure is completely normal and so in my cholesterol. I haven’t had cholesterol in the normal range in about 1 years. I was eating too much sugar/fats and my body was screaming “enough!” A wake up call from my doctor about being pre-diabetic put my mind into motion. Thankfully, I was now 21 lbs. lighter and my sugar levels are at normal; I plan to keep it this way! Ideal Northwest (Sherene) has been my life saver, literally. The best part - besides being healthier- is realizing that I can have control, I don’t crave those foods anymore, and I get to splurge on a new dress in a smaller size. Rewards are priceless.